Slender Stack Developmentā„¢

It's like Ruby on Rails, but for No Code

Quickly launch a scalable v1 to market, even if you don't know how to code
Perfect for Bootstrappers, Indie Hackers, and Non-Engineering Founders

Build > Code

Web application frameworks like Ruby on Rails and Django provide tools and techniques for people who know how to code to build software.Further, learning "Full Stack Development" requires mastery of a bunch of concepts that make sense for current engineers and people trying to get those jobs.But what do you do if you are considered "non-technical" -- a term we hate over here, btw -- and are focused on building an MVP for your startup? What if you've never built an app before and simply want to know how to do a good job?No Code tools enable even the least experienced among us to move quickly with an idea, but can be challenging when it comes to building scalable products that avoid predictable technical debt.Enter the Slender Stack.It covers what you need to put a SaaS product in front of customers as quickly as possible without getting too far into the weeds.

Certificate Program

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